Meditation Music

Meditation music can be a useful meditation technique. But can music help people beginning yoga and meditation?

There are several props that can be used in meditation such as music and meditation music.

Music is certainly an important tool to explore. However, people who are beginning yoga and want to learn how to meditate are strongly advised to start meditation by focusing on the breath.

Although some music positively affects the brain as shown by scientific research evidence and some music can be conducive to meditation, it is considered a more advanced meditation technique.

Many yoga and meditation teachers argue that music can be a distraction rather than an aid to people who are learning to meditate. This is also my experience as a yoga teacher.

Like all good things music has some disadvantages. The principle danger is that people listen to the music and relax rather than meditate. A state of relaxation is very different from a state of meditation, and they should not be confused.

For some people, who already know what meditation is all about, music can be a useful tool. They feel that once they are in a state of meditation, music help them to get into deeper states of meditation.

Deep states of meditation are not easy. Particularly, inexperienced people are not aware of the ‘feelings and sensations’ that come with a deep state of meditation, so if they get there too quickly, they become afraid of those feelings, fearful or shaky. The experience is perceived as negative and might turn them away from meditation.

For advanced meditators, who are used to those feelings and do not fear them, music is a bonus. With music taking the step to deep meditation becomes easier. Obviously, for the purpose of meditation the chosen music should not be attached to memories.

People who are approaching meditation for the first time or who have yet to build the experience that come with daily practice can follow specific guided meditations.

In a guided meditation, the teacher’s voice takes them through various stages of the meditation process and special meditation music or sounds are often used.