Natural Health

Did you know that the earlobes tugging yoga exercises are natural health techniques promoting emotional balance and rejuvenation?

The earlobe tugging yoga exercises are natural health techniques based on principles derived from oriental and complimentary medicine.

Long time ago Chinese medicine and Ayerveda medicine had already recognised the importance of:

• The sensory organs like the ears, the eyes, the nose, the tongue and the skin

• The reflex areas such as feet, hands and ears

• The energy flows in/around the body

• The inter-relation of all bodily systems, mental and other processes in the person

Theories around those concepts are the basis for natural health systems such as the chakras, the meridians, the acupuncture and acupressure systems, and treat the person as a whole. For instance, they recognise that a healthy mind will produce good health, or that an unhealthy organ will have unhealthy effects on other parts of the body, and so on.

In the East, natural health techniques were developed to restore harmony and wellness by stimulating and connecting various parts and subtle energy flows through movements or through the application of pressure on those parts.

For hundreds of years, people who have practiced these gentle and natural techniques on a daily basis over prolonged periods have witnessed gradual and beneficial results on their health.

In the West, neuroscience has also established that neurons are located in all parts of the body and brain forming a network of nerves – the nervous system – responsible for all body functions including awareness, consciousness, sleep, and movements.

The bulk of the nerve endings are found in the feet, hands and head. Sense organs are specialized organs that are an extension of the central nervous system feeding information from the external world and relate it to the brains.

The nervous system integrates all other bodily systems like the respiratory system, the circulatory systems and so on.

In the Western world, we must not forget that the mind-brain-body is one integrated system, which for study purposes and convenience is seen as separated. All the bodily systems are interdependent and cannot function on their own.

Modern scientific evidence has also confirmed that the nervous system is an energy flow system, as information between various parts of the body and the brain is sent via electrical signals. In other words, the body is an electrical machine or an energy machine.

Earlobe tugging sequences are very effective yoga techniques that promote emotional balance and rejuvenation as they stimulate blood flows and energy to the brains, and harmonise the nervous system and the left and right hemispheres of the brain.