New Students are our specialty. The 60 minute hot yoga sequence that we offer in our Daily 60 is a comprehensive class designed to be accessible for beginners yet challenging for even the most veteran yogis. We encourage each student to listen to their bodies and rest when needed as you build endurance and adjust to the healing heat of the class over time.

Class Preparations

Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your first class. There is no online pre-registration offered for new students. While evening classes can be quite busy, we will always have space for a newcomer. After filling out a registration form meeting your teacher, you’ll be shown the yoga room and offered a spot by the door to help you feel comfortable in this new space. Please feel free to mention any injuries/health issues with your instructor prior to class.

Breathable fabric is recommended as are tank tops, and shorts. Avoid cotton if possible, as well as long pants and t-shirts. No shoes are needed in practice room.

2 Hours Prior To Class
Drink plenty of water and avoid eating heavy proteins or dairy as you’ll be twisting and moving in a way that will feel best with an empty stomach. Water can be purchased in studio or bring a bottle to use.

Bring a yoga mat, long towel and water. Feel free to bring your own or rent them from the studio for a nominal fee. Manduka Mats and Yogitoes are also available for purchase.

During Class
Feel free to take a break anytime you wish, by laying down on your back to rest. The desire for breaks fades as you focus on your breath and become adjusted to your environment. Once your body is warm and class is underway, it’s important to stay in the room and on your mat until the cool down has been happened and savasana is complete.

Yoga is a life long practice. Yoga is meant for all ages and all types of people. As long as you are focused on your breath, and doing the best that you can, you will receive all the benefits of each pose even if you are not as flexible or perfectly balanced as someone next to you.

Practice regularly. A consistent practice of 4 times a week will allow you to receive maximum benefits. You will still receive these benefits with a reduced amount of time, it just may take a little longer.