Start Yoga

Taking a series of small mindful & loving steps is a a great way to start yoga and to keep up regular yoga exercises.

A small step done with love and in a mindful way is a very powerful one!

Lack of practice can hinder any progress!

Developing a new habit can be tricky, but it can be done if you ‘think small’.

Commit to 1 ‘small step’ towards your goal and you will be surprised!

‘One small step, one giant leap forward!’

Can you commit to 1 minute exercise every day?

Everyone can commit to 1 minute exercise every day!
To be effective a yoga practice does not need to take long time, but it needs to be regular.

Work with your own body natural rhythms!

Start yoga with some simple yoga positions every day, if possible at the same time.
After regular repetitions, your body will become ‘programmed’. Your internal clock will send you a signal every day that it is time for the 1 minute yoga sequence.

After the initial period practicing yoga will become very natural!

Begin the journey with one small step in the right direction!

Often students say they do not have time for yoga or cannot find a way to start yoga at home.
I challenge them to start yoga the easiest possible way!

For instance, one could carry out a task or chore ‘pouring love into it’ (it does not matter what and how trivial the task is; it could be at work or at home) for just 1 minute a day,.
Yes, scrubbing the floor, washing dirty laundry, cooking or washing up’…with love’! The more love and passion one can pour into it, the better it is. Being totally present and absorbed in the task; noticing what happens during and after that!

For some the ‘pour love into the doing’ exercise turns out to be the ‘wake up call they needed. Time to change something! Time to focus!

  • If we are rushing around to get lots of things done, ticking boxes and thinking about the next thing to do or what went wrong, how can we enjoy?
  • If the mind is miles away (lost in future or past thoughts), the body is doing something in the present and the soul is not expressing itself in the action, how can there be integration and harmony?
  • How can there be pleasure in the simple moments, which make up most of the day? If there is such a disconnection with what we are doing, do we get by with no joy? Do we end up searching for exciting things to do to feel alive?

This simple exercise practiced regularly could add a new dimension, a new perspective to our life, (some people would call this spiritual other people would call it conscious living). As we discover what it means to connect to each single moment with a positive attitude, this simple practice may become a way of living for some.

  • Can you imagine what would be like to live enjoying the simple moments?
  • Could you live yoga everyday?

Yoga can be as ‘simple’ as that!
Engaging in the present moment with an attitude of love and acceptance is the essence of yoga.
This might require some practice before it can be mastered, but after time it feels natural. It feels like we were born to enjoy the small things in life (not just the big ones).

A number of yoga exercises have been devised to create a space of harmony and acceptance e.g. breathing exercises, physical yoga asanas, relaxation exercises, meditation techniques, moral observances and so on.
They focus our mind and keep us in the present moment connected to the action of the body and our positive side.

  • So if you decide to do the ‘pour love into the doing’ exercise, could you take another small step?
  • For instance, could you practice the 1 minute standing sequence or the 1 minute mindful meditation on the breath with the same attitude?

Yes, everyday.

Yoga is a very useful system, as it can help to focus the mind and change the attitude to life to a positive one.
For instance, by developing our focus and awareness of each moment, it becomes easier to engage with the process of life as it unfolds.

Questions such as the following might arise:

  • Is ‘how much’ & ‘how many things I do’ becoming more important than ‘how I do things’ and ‘what I am’?
  • Am I focusing too much on future ‘outcomes’ and ‘expectations’ or ‘what went wrong’ rather than the ‘process’ of getting there and the ‘moment when things are done’? Is this causing any stress?

Once you start yoga, it becomes eaiser to put things into perspective and keep the balance required for living healthily and harmoniously!